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Downs Lake Kennel based in Spokane, WA is a Top 2018 English Springer Spaniel Breeder!

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Phone Number:  (509) 455-9826
Email Address:  springer1712@comcast.net

Black/White Puppies - $2000.00

Liver/White Puppies - $2000.00

Tri-Colored Black/White/Tan - $2000.00

Tri-Colored Liver/White/Tan - $2000.00

Sable Tri-Colored Black/White/Tan - $2000.00

Sable Tri-Colored Liver/White/Tan - $2000.00

All of my puppies are trained to sit and lay down on command with a treat incentive.  They learn to ring a set of bells that are attached to the door knob to let you know they need to go outside.  They are 98% house trained by 8 weeks old.

I believe strongly that if a puppy is trained from the time they open their eyes and have an automatic response, even in the most unruly times of their lives, they will be under control.

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Please call me to get placed on my waiting list faster.  509-455-9826
This is how the Extremely Rare Tri-Color Liver/White/Tan Sable adult dogs look.

This is how the Extremely Rare Tri-Color Black/White/Tan Sable adult dogs look

Sparrow's 1st Litter Arrived on 11-23-19.

Sparrow gave birth to 6 beautiful babies on Saturday 11-23-19.  3 boys and 3 girls.  Gorgeous puppies.

1st Born - Chug - SOLD

Chug has found his new family in Pullman, Washington.

Black/White/Tan Male born on Saturday 11-23-19 at 1:48am.  Weighed 15 ounces.

2nd Born - Tillie - SOLD

Tillie has found her new family in Cocolalla, Idaho.

Black/White/Tan Female born on Saturday 11-23-19 at 2:12am.  Weighed 13 ounces.

3rd Born - Muck 

Liver/White/Tan Male born on Saturday 11-23-19 at 2:32am.  Weighed 15 ounces.

4th Born - Dempsey

Liver/White Male born on Saturday 11-23-19 at 2:55am.  Weighed 14 ounces.

5th Born - Mona - Pending

Black/White Female born on Saturday 11-23-19 at 3:01am.  Weighed 13 ounces.

6th Born - Willa - SOLD

Willa has found her new family in Seattle, Washington.

Black/White/Tan Female born on Saturday 11-23-19 at 3:27am.  Weighed 13 ounces.

Puppy Training

All of my puppies are of Chip's blood line.  Chip is truely the epitemy of the breed.  He is my motivation to breed. 

When contacting me about a new puppy, I recommend that you choose liver/white or black/white and male or female for your family.  If you are interested in a particular puppy please take time to get on the "Can Hardly Wait" list on my Contact Us Page or better yet -- fill out a puppy application and submit it.

Looking For An Older Springer?

First - check out my "Older Available Loves" page.  I have some great older dogs too!  Mine are not rescue animals.

If you are, please consider the English Springer Rescue America.  They help place Springer Spaniels that have been separated from their homes for any number of reasons.  Kathy Armstrong is our Regional Director for the ESRA and is a pleasure to work with.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or go directly to this website.   www.springerrescue.org


I reserve the right to refuse service or the purchase of a puppy or dog to anyone for any reason.

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