Charles of Downs Lake

Charles of Downs Lake (Chip)

I lost Chip on 7-7-14.  He is sorely missed.

Chip was my main companion.  He was one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever had the pleasure of owning.  He was trained to open the refrigerator, bring my ice tea bottle, and then close the door.  (This trick has been most helpful for those big family dinners when my hands were full and couldn't handle the refrigerator and the turkey at the same time.)  He automatically picked up anything I dropped and straightened my living room every morning.  He helped me find my keys when I lost them.  (Which is more frequent than I would like to admit.)  He brought me the remote controls on demand and retrieved my shoes.  He rang a door bell to let me know when he needed to go outside.  He picked up all of the food bowls twice a day after the feeding frenzy was over.  Chip did whatever I wanted or needed him to do.  There was not a common dog trick that Chip didn't know including sit, down, stay, shake, roll over, high-five, beg, leave it, fetch, etc.  He had been extremely easy to train because of his intelligence and eagerness to please me.  

Chip Retrieving my Ice Tea


My selected 5th Generation Girls!!


Marble has been named 2021 OPEN SPRINGER OF THE YEAR by the ESSFTA.  Marble has consistently earned top ten in the nation of all competing Springers since she was 2 years old. 


Sparrow is from Dasher and JJ born 5-22-17.  Sparrow has her International Champion Conformation Title and is working very hard on her obedience.  I expect great things from this beauty.

Sparrow has been Hips/Knees/Elbows/Eyes certified.


Belle is from Tanzi and Winston born 5-28-17.  Belle is the spitting image of Tanzi in gentle disposition and extreme loving personality.  She has been PFK & PRA Tested.  She has been Eye Certified.  Belle has been Hips/Knees/Elbows certified.  


Misty is from Elyse and Hawk born on November 3, 2018.  Misty is extremely eager to please and can't get enough pets.  I look forward to working with her in the obedience ring.  Misty is PRA/PFK Clear.  Hips/Knees/Elbows Certified. 


Lyra is from Halo and Hawk born on May 15, 2019.  

Our Family Tree and Retired Females

My Selected 5th Generation of Girls!!


Halo is from Rusti and Blackpearl's Regal Heir born January 14, 2016.  She is a beautiful dark Liver/White.  She has been PFK & PRA Tested.  She has been Eye Certified.  Halo is Hip/Knee/Elbow Certified.  Halo earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen Title on March 29, 2017.  She is now Titled with top scores in Novice Obedience and Rally.

My selected 4th Generation Girls!!


Rusti is everything you could ever want in a springer.  Rusti is from Megan & Duncan's Litter born on April 26, 2012.  She is an extremely rare Black/White/Tan Tri-Sable.  She has been PFK & PRA Tested.  She has been Eye Certified.  Rusti is Hip/Knee/Elbow Certified.  Rusti received her AKC Canine Good Citizen Title on 3-1-13 at 10 months old.  She is now Titled with top scores in Beginning Novice Obedience, Rally Novice, Rally Advanced & Rally Excellent.  Rusti earned her AKC Companion Dog Title on 4-20-14 and earned 3rd in the Nation of all competing English Springer Spaniels in her obedience level.  Rusti earned her Rally Master Title and her AKC Companion Dog Excellent Title with top 10 in the nation in 2018.  Rusti is now working on her Rally Champion title and her Utility Dog Title.

Rusti is also my personal service dog.

Rusti Competing for her Utility Dog Title.

Rusti Open A Titling Event

Rusti Companion Dog Titling Leg

Visit for complete competition videos.


Elyse is from Ebony & Indy's Litter born on June 21, 2012.  She is extremely sweet and intensely loving.  Elyse has been PFK & PRA Tested.  She has been Eye Certified.  Elyse received her AKC Canine Good Citizen Title on 5-21-13 at 11 months old.  She is Titled with top scores in Rally Novice and Beginning Novice Obedience.  She is an incredibly fast runner and is enjoying the sport of Flyball.  She recently earned her Companion Dog Title.


Dasher is from Star and Duncan's Litter born December 5, 2012.  She has been PFK & PRA tested.  She has been eye certified.  Dasher is Hip/Knee/Elbow Certified.  Dasher was shown in Conformation Competitions and has taken Best of Breed and 3rd in Sporting Group.  Dasher received her AKC Canine Good Citizen Title on 10-29-13.  She earned her AKC Beginning Novice Obedience Title on 5-23-14 with high scores and held 6th in the nation for the 1st 6 months of the year.  Dasher earned her AKC Companion Dog Title on 7-19-14.  Dasher earned her International Championship Conformation Title on 8-2-15.

Dasher is retired as a service dog to a woman who needs Dasher's special retrieving skills.  Dasher also assists with her balance issues.


Tanzi is from Madeline & Indy's Litter born July 7, 2013.  She has been PFK & PRA tested.  She has been eye certified.  Tanzi is an extremely rare tri-Liver/White/Tan Sable.  Tanzi earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen Title on 5-20-2014. 
Tanzi has earned 1st in the Nation of all competing English Springer Spaniels for her Rally Obedience Novice B Title in 2016.  
Tanzi is now retired to a wonderful couple with grandchildren to play with.  They have land for Tanzi to run but she chooses to stay close to their sides at all times.

3rd Generation

Morningstar I Bear A Charmed Life's Girls


Hi Bev,

I just wanted to let you know that all of your hard work and training has really paid off with Ebony. We are relocating to New York City for our daughter, Zoë (though we aren?t selling our house in Seattle, just renting it out). We?ve had an apartment in NY for the last nine months so I?ve been in NY with Zoë and Dana has mostly been in Seattle. He was recently offered a job in NY and traveled with Ebony. Dana has a legitimate anxiety disorder so he was able to fly with Ebony in the cabin and she was such a lady. She went through security from a perfect stay.

They flew on the red-eye as we were told by our vet that this is the easiest on dogs. She was so good on the plane that the flight attendants forgot that she was there! This was about three weeks ago. Ebony acted like she had been living in NYC her entire life, in fact I?m pretty sure that she was meant to be living in the big city. She seemed to finally have a purpose that she seemed to be missing before in Seattle. She loves walking at a perfect heel and she is the princess of all things public transportation. She loves coming with us to outdoor cafes when the weather permits and she behaves like a total lady. She rode the train to Connecticut yesterday to visit my in-laws (who she adores). I took this picture and am sending it because she acting like the train was her living room. 

We got to Connecticut so she can stay at ?camp Grandma?s? while we are finishing up our move from Seattle to the East Coast. I have been flying back and forth to Seattle every ten days for about four days at a time so it is the best plan for Ebony to hang out with Grandma for a few weeks. We had to wait three weeks for her Lyme vaccine to become effective because we didn?t want to risk her health. She is so gorgeous with all of that fur!!!!

 Dana is flying with Joe Joe on the red-eye tonight and Phoebe is staying with my friend who owns Ahimsa in Seattle, which is one of the most highly acclaimed dog schools in the area. Phoebe is still pretty shy and we want to make sure that she is totally successful when we bring her to NYC. We?ve made practice trips to the airport and the light rail station. These are going well.  Fortunately loud noises are NOT her issue. We?re not sure why she is so ?shy? at first except that she is super intelligent. We picked an apartment on the quietest street possible in Manhattan near a big park (not Central Park) where she can be social but not overwhelmed. It isn?t terribly busier in my new neighborhood than our one in Seattle so we are hoping that she will adjust well! She is such a smart girl and I have set up a consultation with a trainer for when Phoebe arrives. 

That said, any advice would be appreciated. 

I will be bringing Phoebe to NYC on 5/26. 

My mother in law couldn?t get over how well trained Ebony is. She told her what ?the house rules? are and Ebony followed them all. Cracks me up! She gave her a pillow so I?m pretty sure that they will be fast friends. Ebony is definitely a sucker for a pillow. 

I have to admit a slight sense of superiority walking around Grand Central Station yesterday with my gorgeous dog at a perfect heel. It is such a feeling of joy and contentment to know that one has a dog that is reliable and predictable and yet not boring!!!



Madeline is now retired and lives in Richland, Washington.  Her daughter Zoey is her only competition for attention.

Here is the story of my son's lead poisoning, by the Seattle times...

Although they did not capitalize on how hard it was for him to get the treatment in a timely manner.
But if you look at the video of my son,
There is a piece of paper that shows his lead levels.. It will show you that he should have been hospitalized for high levels numerous time. And all those Blood reports were before they admitted him!!!!!!!!...
It took us a year to get him admitted, and that was only because I threatened to move Jake to Arizona to stay with my brother, to get better medical services for our son.
And for the reason they said they didn't, hospitalize him was because they didn't know what he was exposed to....well I can tell you that is wrong by CDC protocol!
What they should have done is admit him, and start him on Chealation therapy, then the state is suppose to come into the house and look for the potential cause, while he is in the hospital. Oh wait!!!!!
The PCP provider and the health district called us and told to take Jake to the hospital immediately, to have I'm admitted but, Dr. CHILDS AT KADILEC HOSPITAL DENIED MY SON TREATMENT BECAUSE OF THE COST OF MEDICATION. Without talking to our insurance.
And the state didn't come in till a month later, then the XRF gun was not calibrated, so it showed my whole house was hot... Then a private insurance company came in and said it was the window frames, and outside entrance. So then we had 2 different reports!
It took the state 5 more months to come back, which proved the insurance company to be right....after we moved it his levels hit 61 BLL. That's when I told the state I was moving him, and they admitted him.
But even then it was frank who was trying to make Spokane come and test the stuff we had at our friends house, which was just bed stuff, cloths, PS3, tv, and iPad. Everything else we put in storage. And the doctor was going to let him out before testing his stuff. He was released 5 days before we could get someone in....
When nothing came up positive in Jakes room, Frank suggest the sheepskin, cause it was the only thing left....
Also about the sheepskin, he didn't need it as a comfort thing, it was just super soft and comfortable...
I am just so mad with this State.
It is time for them to be more educated and prepared!

Please share share and share!

Thank you Seattle times for tellling his story!

See More
A 16-year-old Central Washington boy was exposed to high levels of lead from a strange source: sheepskin rugs he slept with at night. State health and environment…


Star was my dance partner for close to 7 years.  She has now retired to dote on a wonderful young lady named Caitlin.  Caitlin struggles with cerebral palsy.  Star's retrieving skills will come in very handy.  I look forward to watching them grow in their relationship together and hope that I will have the privilege to continue to train Star as Caitlin's needs change.

All three have Championship bloodlines and are as sweet as they look.  Each personality is different.  All three are terribly spoiled.

                                                       This is their Father.  Chloe is their Mother

They are giving me great litters.  They are the start of my tri-color puppies.

Ebony - Star - Madeline on 12-1-2011

Star Performs at a local events.  Nursing Homes, Children's Hospitals, Churches, Schools.  She is my Dance partner.  Click here to view a video of Star's performance.

Ebony's Canine Good Citizen Test on 11-1-2012

2nd Generation 

Chloe Lynn

Chloe was born to Lizzie's 2nd Litter with Harrington's Prince Biscuit.  She is a sister to Bailey  She is extremely sweet and calm.  She is loving, patient, obedient and eager to please.  Everything you would want in a springer.  She has produced great litters.  She was bred to a black/tri-male which resulted in Star, Ebony, & Madeline.  Chloe is their Mother.

Bailey Mae

Bailey is from Lizzie's 2nd Litter with Harrington's Prince Biscuit as her father.  Bailey is also a great mother.  She was higher energy as a puppy but has settled down as an adult.  She performed her tricks and danced with my daughter as a member of the Ruff Review for a period of about a year.  She is very intelligent and obedient. 

Bailey gave birth to beautiful, healthy puppies and is now retired and living an active life with the love of her life - my daughter Rachel.

Rascal's Tyler of McCormick aka Stone

Stone was my breeder boy for 4 years.  He produced absolutely wonderful litters with all of my girls.  He is one of  the very nicest intact males I have ever had the pleasure to love.  He is now retired and living the life of luxury with his new family in Spokane, WA.

Bailey & Chloe's Parents

Harrington's Prince Biscuit & My Tracker's Elizabeth

1st Generation 


Becca Leigh of Downs Lake

Becca is also a sister to Chip and is Ali's litter mate.  Like Chip, she is an extremely strong swimmer.  She has the most muscular structure.  Becca is loving and gentle and totally dedicated to me.  She is extremely smart and eager to please.  Becca picks up most of the metal feeding bowls and brings them to me when everyone is done eating.  She shows more signs of protectiveness than the others and is a bit more leary of strangers.  Becca was wonderful with Lizzie's last batch of puppies.  She was very watchful over them and kept them out of trouble.  She spent alot of time herding them.  She was probably my best when it came to socialization of the puppies.  She is extremely protective and concerned about strangers being near her litter.


Becca Diving

Tracker's Alexis of Downs Lake (Ali)

Ali is a litter mate to Becca and is also a sister to Chip and Lizzie.  She was born on March 31, 2005.  I received great puppies from Ali.  She is beautiful and has such heart.  Her disposition is as gentle as Lizzie's.  She is extremely loving and believes she is a lap dog.  She is also a very strong swimmer, distance jumper, and loves to field train with her sisters.  She brought me my shoes every morning for 6 years and picked up anything I dropped and handed it to me.

Ali is now retired and will live the rest of her life with a family in Seattle, Washington.  She is sorely missed.

Tracker's Elizabeth (Lizzie)


This shows the change that sometimes happens in the saddle from puppy stage to adult dog.  Lizzie is only 6 weeks old in her baby picture to the left.

Lizzie is Chips full blood sister.  She started it all.  I had no intention of breeding dogs but the breeder of Lizzie saw something special in her and requested a puppy from her.  She selected the sire for the litter and mentored me all the way through the placement of the puppies.  I was hooked from then on. 

Lizzie was Hip Certified with the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals as Good.  She was eye certified each year and PFK tested.  She carried herself with a rare elegance and was intensely intelligent and loving.

Lizzie produced beautiful, healthy, puppies.  Bailey and Chloe are from Lizzie's 2nd Litter.  Be sure to check out her past litters and the comments other puppy buyers have made about her puppies under "Puppy Kudo's".

Lizzie is now retired and lives in Alameda, California with a great family.  They also have one of Lizzie's girls - Lexi. 

Dam & Sire of Lizzie, Ali, & Becca

Tracker's Charlie My Boy & Katy Rainy Bandit

Tracker's Charlie My Boy is shown at the left.
Spottie Dottie from Lizzie's 1st litter is in the middle.
Katy's Father is Tracker's Bandit shown at the right of the picture. 

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