A Special Thank You to all my puppy buyers!!!!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my puppy buyers for their years of committment of love to the raising and training of my beloved offspring.  After weeks of caring for these wonderful new lives, it is extremely hard to let them go, but I am very pleased with all of the new homes my puppies have found and I have great faith that each one of you will love and care for them as I do. 

Please contact me with updates to their progress.  I love to receive pictures as they grow and change and enjoy hearing of all the great things they are more than capable of  learning. 

Keep in mind that these dogs were bred for their intelligence, loyalty, gentleness and temperment.  They are capable of learning anything you can think up for them to do.  They are much more than pets.  Because of their love, they can be your greatest companion and asset.  I know you will find the English Springer Spaniel to be the best breed you will ever own.

You are the reason to look forward to my next batch of puppies.

Thanks Again!!!


Puppy Kudo's

I received some very nice letters from my puppy buyers.  They have allowed me to add them to this page.  It's alway nice when you are appreciated for your efforts.  Please feel free to comment about my website or your experience with your dogs or your Springer that you purchased from me here.  I would love to hear from all of you!


Lily from Madeline's 4th Litter

Lily is now registered as a US service dog so she can go with special needs kids/adults. 

She's a smart girl and amazing in countless ways.  She also won the dog contest for "best trick" for the third year in a row this past week... She won it as a 7 month old puppy her first year.  This year she was a "Hawk-Dog" in the show and we trained her to walk, sit next to a chair in her Seahawks costume, and balance a beer and beverage coaster on her nose (as if she were a seahawk fan's living room end table).  She did it all, on a boat dock, with dogs, kids, and judges on all sides of her... Her focus and attention are exceptional. We just couldn't love her more.

Norman from Star's 4th Litter

  • Hi Bev!

    I just thought I'd pop in and give you a little update on how our Norman is doing! It's hard to believe that he's going to be 2 years old in three months... it seems like just yesterday he was crawling out of his crate at the airport, so small I could pick him up with one hand! He sure is a big, beautiful boy now - he's maxed out right around 45lbs, so he's still small enough for me to pick up... but I definitely have to use both arms now!

    His little half-mustache has filled in and spilled over slightly onto the right side of his face. It's still one of my favorite things about him! And the six little "ink-drops" on his muzzle - what I call the few black spots across his nose. His fur is so soft and silky, I spend probably 3 hours a day just petting and kissing him! He has to get groomed pretty frequently, because dang his fur gets long! We love it though. He's a truly beautiful dog - you did good, Grandma!

    In the past few months, he's definitely turned a corner in growing out of puppyhood. He still has his crazy moments, but they are few and far between. I work from home every day now, so he happily spends most of his time sleeping next to me - in fact, that's what he's doing right now. He sure is a cuddle bug!

    He definitely loves being outdoors as well, though. He LOVES swimming, as well as snow - and he is utterly unfazed by our ear-rattling thunder storms here in Colorado. We get thunderstorms almost every day during the summer, and he doesn't even bat an eye. Such a good dog.

    Anyway... We love him to death, and I can't imagine life without him. He's definitely nestled his way into our hearts. I would love to give him a brother or sister some day, but as I think I've told you - one dog in an apartment is definitely enough. All the pictures of your puppies are killing me, though! I'd sure to love to bring home one or two of them! Maybe some day soon.

    Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful furry friend. We're blessed to have him in our lives, and we love him to bits!


Lily from Madeline's 4th Litter

Hi Bev;
Hard to believe that we just got Lily a year ago.  She's grown a lot and I just wanted to update you, again, on her life now.

Lily was a part of the special people's Santa cruise and ceremony this last weekend. This annual event is for the handicapped children and adults with Down's Syndrome and other genetic disabilities.  See her in costume, pictures attached. We had 588 special needs guests and 90 boats to take them around lake union and lake Washington   Lily was amazing with the special needs folks.  Several of the care givers asked if she would be available to be a service/therapy dog.  I still don't know exactly what that entails, but her impact is simply magical with the special needs individuals.  She has an intuition that kicks in, which naturally allows her to adapt her energy level and connect differently with each individual.  It was unbelievable to watch her "work."  She even brought out responses and reached two non-communicative, autistic children, that had not been responsive to other therapies.  Their care givers and family members were stunned and brought to tears.  You can be a proud "grandma." 

She still loves to wear clothes, so we call her the Diva Dog! lol

Sammy from Star's 4th Litter

Hi Grandma Bev.....
Here is a nice picture of our darling little boy if you would please post this to replace the picture that is currently on your website......he is much cuter than me!!! Jeff had him out on a walk on one of our beautiful trails. I have some other pictures that are recent that he is sending me from his Blackberry and I will also forward them.  This one is so cute he is on leash at this time in the deep woods as there are mother bears and cubs out right now and for safety reasons part of the walk is on the leash. We have miles and miles of trails right out our door and he loves the woods. Too bad my husband is not a bird hunter as Sammy is a natural.  This is a very very intelligent pup and he sees a bird I let him off the leash and he does his action springs thru the brush to flush the birds etc.  Snoqualmie Falls and the river are only 3 minutes from our house and he loves the water too.  Everywhere we take him people stop us and say "That is the most beautiful Springer I have ever seen even his Vet says that.  Of course I tell them where he was born and about you and your expert and loving breeding of these magnificant dogs. Remember the little white patch on his back it is gone as you said it would be. We honestly think he is showdog material he is that beautiful. His coat is gorgeous snow white and the black is silky and so shiny he truly is a handsome boy. In addition as I mentioned earlier he sure loves to play and is so sweet. He is sooo very smart....he talks to me he says "Ma Ma" it is adorable and also is a little dickens he can open any door in our home and I am not saying pushing it open he uses the door handle and goes right in. He brings me his dish and lets me know if he needs something truly amazing. He is so adorable rowdy full of energy and he loves his Mom and Dad!

Lily from Madeline's 4th Litter

Hi Bev;

I hope you and the puppies are well.  I gave your name out to a couple of people this last weekend.  Lily really "steals the show" these days when we are out in public (e.g .Everyone wants a springer after meeting her.)  There is one family, in particular, who has been looking for the right dog and I'm sure they will call you. 

Lily was around kids, dogs, birds, boats, a band, and also loud cannons being fired this past memorial day weekend, and she was simply amazing!  She is so obedient, focused, and calm.  She reads her surrounding situations and plays with other dogs and kids, adjusting to their demeanor/personality almost instantly. 

Lily now follows my vocal and hand commands, completely off her leash, amidst more simultanious distractions than you can possibly imagine .  This past weekend she was off her leash and had, all around her, loud music, food buffet lines with people dropping food (including salmon) onto the ground just feet from her. She held up while little kids were calling her and running past her. Even when other dogs were running around the grass in front her with their dog toys and people clapping and throwing frisbees through the air, she kept attentive to my direction.  I couldn't believe how composed and focused she was. Even when she couldn't hear me or was at a distance amongst other dogs, she would look for me and still break away follow my hand commands when I gave them.  

Nobody can beleive that she's not quite 7 months old yet.  She is already the most well behaved, easy to train, well mannered, socially adept, intuitive and smart dog that I have ever been around.  I would have sworn that I was watching some kind of dog show on TV, the way she just did everything so well in public this past weekend.  Bottom line, she is your sales girl for loving and smart springers.  ;o)

I had to laugh because at one point, the head of the memorial day ceremony that we were at, was telling his 3 year old dog to fetch, come, and sit.  buster was a very nice dog, but only doing things as he wished.  Romping and playing with lily was all that he really was interested in doing, (once he got his tennis ball).  So, much to his master's chagrin, Buster wasn't bringing the ball back, coming when called or sitting at all for his master. Lily finally walked up to buster, gently removed the ball from buster's mouth, took it over to Buster's master, laid it in front of him and sat looking patiently. I've never seen more shocked looks on a crowd of faces, not the least of which was Buster's completely dumfounded reaction.  The poor dog had no idea what hit him. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen with dogs. Then Lily did it over and over again, seemingly when she tired of his gallivanting with the ball, and buster just let her take it from him and return it to either his master or me.

Mollie from Madeline's 4th Litter

This is a hand made website following Mollie's adventures.  They are doing a great job with Mollie and you will also be thrilled with everything they are doing for her.  This is also a great source of information on early socialization and continued training techniques.  Check it out.  http://channelingawhirlwindnamedmollie.blogspot.com/?psinvite=ALRopfUVND_dNVN19_Hti9M2VRoDru-QW1gNIA8SFaR0clHv-T-vXGax5aXF2XdDiJiX0MM4WsgbHO2fKL6IR_MznckFzyUFkQ

Pepper from Ali's 6th Litter

Bev. She is the sweetest most 
lovable dog in the world.  She loves everyone, dogs, cats, kids adults.  
She wiggles and giggles from one end to the other so fast it cracks us 

She is very demanding for lot's of love and petting.  She rules the 
house and we love everything about her. we can't thank you enough for 
her great manners.  people are amazed at the bells ringing. 

She has been a wonderful puppy, so well behaved.  Never. Chewed on 
furniture, or wrecked anything, except for a few squeaker toys!

She loves to go in the car and truck every time we go somewhere.

Life is so good,
Thanks again

Millie Page from Madeline's 3rd Litter

Hi Bev,
Millie is doing great! Thought I would send a couple of pics. We are getting a lot of snow here and she just loves it! She runs, digs and eats it and I can tell that she would like to sled with the boys, we may try that tomorrow.
She finished her beginning dog obedience and is still learning to stay past about a minute. She learned to sit for greeting, shake, stay at the door, come when called and some other things. She loves to train and is so smart. Miles is using her for his science project. He teaches her two new tricks per week, one for 5 minutes per day and the other only twice during the week but for 15 minutes per session. He is determining whether consistent practice helps dogs learn well rather than just longer sessions. So far he has taught her to high five and bow. This week is sit pretty and crawl. She just has so much fun.
Kailen is her little popsicle, she just licks him all the time. He uses her as his personal napkin if I am not looking.
We all love her so much! She is soft as a little bunny and a cuddle bug. She has the longest eye lashes and when she looks up through them my heart melts.
She is still digging a lot in our yard though and looks like a mine field but I am hoping she grows out of that by summer. We are only able to run with her once a day in the yard right now and walk her once for 40 minutes. I think a lot of the problem is she could really use two long walks per day, she has a ton of energy. She has discovered squirrels and birds and patrols the yard non-stop when possible. One day there was a possum up in the tree and I thought she was going to have a heart attack she was so excited. It was hard to persuade her to come in, I did not want her to get attached, I don't like seeing nocturnal animals out during the day.
Hope you are well, enjoy the pictures.


Bridget from Madeline's 4th Litter

Hi Bev,

Well, Bridget is just a gem! She is happy and healthy. Mellow and playful! We adore her! Even our older dog is falling for her. She is teething, so mouthy, but can easily be distracted with her braided raw hide. She wants to please, the perfect sort of dog.
She loves to fetch the ball, play outside and follow us around the house. We crate her for naps and at night, but have found that unless she gets really wound up she is well behaved on her own. When she starts to act naughty we either put her on a short lead and keep her with us, or put her in her playpen. She takes to either really well, and is usually just tired when she acts up. She hasn't had an accident indoors in two days, and never in her kennel. Just loving her!

Thanks so much!

Barkley from Star's 3rd Litter

Hi Bev

I realized its been awhile since I picked up Barkley (Baker from Star) in July so I thought I would give you an update.  He has turned out to be everything we hoped.  You may remember he was the most mellow of the litter and we chose him based on that trait.  He has retained that trait and he is the perfect mix of 25% puppy energy and 75% gentle, mellow, obedient dude.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, comments that he behaves like a 7 year old dog, not a 7 month old puppy.  He is so good and just loves to snuggle and hang out.  He comes when we call and sits when we ask.  He is Kennel trained and doesn't love it but deals with it fine.  He is also very intelligent - we know when its time to feed him, he carries his food dish upstairs and drops it at our feet  (this is generally fine except for when he decides a 1/4 full water dish isn't adequate).

He loves the three kids, loves other dogs, loves boating, and especially loves the snow.  we have a place at Snoqualmie Pass and he plays in the snow every weekend and even goes ski touring with me.  He also liked the hiking in the summer.  A picture of him below with his after dinner cigar which he also loves.

I will send some more photos.


Winston from Ali's 2nd Litter

I just received two title certificates from AKC for his CD and VCD1.  Apparently once he receives the VCD1 they no longer use the TD and CD after his name because those are required for VCD1.  So he is now Winston of Downs Lake VCD1  OA  OAJ NF (he has some CPE titles too, but for now I'll leave those off).  When he gets his CDX (he will, but not right away), he will be VCD2 and the OA and OAJ will drop off.
I'll send you copies of the certificates I just received.
Happy holidays!
Mary Palumbo

Lilly from Bailey's 7th Litter

How time flies.... we are getting ready to celebrate Lilly's one year birthday
on January 2nd. She was Marina.. we call her Lilly. Official name - Miss
Lilly of West Shore Acres. Each time I start to write this email, I get speechless as I try to explain
what a wonderful dog she is. We get so many compliments on her. From our
vet, to the trainer at a puppy class, and a hunting trainer, their comments
are 'she is bred very well.' I think it is her temperament and her patience.
So our compliments to you and the great job you do on enhancing this breed.
She is a beauty. Although besides her look and size, it is her personality
and temperament that makes her a gem. I think another strong contributor to
her personality is your effort you put into your puppies while they are young
to listen and want to learn. She is a smart cookie. She learns very quickly. She is such a great addition to our family. As you met both our boys, they
refer to her as 'the princess'. She does love cats... or at least tries to
get them to be her friend. Our two cats are still adjusting to her
friendliness. She does enjoy digging.. as I sometime refer to her as my
'lilly miller.. my garden helper'. As you may remember we were looking for a dog that could hunt, as well as
being a great companion. Thought you would enjoy a picture of her first
hunting trip. She is birdy and loves to bring anything dead back to the house.
The hunting trainer we worked with this week found her amazing. It was the
first time he had seen a Springer having an instinct to point, besides being
a flushing dog. Our compliments to the outstanding breeding you do. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lacey from Ebony's 2nd Litter

Thirteen ducks yesterday. They were up and out of here again by 5:00 am. Gonna have some pretty tired boys when they get home today. Lacey  retrieved 11 of the 13 ducks!!! Not bad for her first hunt!

Tucker from Star's 1st Litter

Hi Grandma Bev,

It has been a while since we checked in and gave you a Tucker update. He is now around a year and a half old and still the light of our lives! He recently had a vet check up and our vet is completely in love with him. He told us that Tucker is ideal in weight, skin and coat, an absolutely beautiful boy and we would have to agree! We are told every time we visit the dog parks what a beautiful dog he is. I think it may be going to his head as he will sometimes look at us across the room with a very regal pose as if to say, "I am magnificent aren't I?" lol. 

He is very protective of our family, and patrols the perimeters from his perch upon the back of our couch where he can look out the window and monitor such dangers as neighbor cats, wind, and falling leaves. 
I absolutely don't know how I personally ever lived without him. I couldn't love him more then I do. I want to thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family, and we get the impression he has it pretty good here too, especially when our vet told us he would like to come back as my dog when he dies lol. 

I have included a few picture so you can see how beautifully he has grown and how very much he is loved. 

Hugs to you and all the puppies!
Heidi Ihler

Tucker from Star's 1st Litter

Hi Gramma Bev :-)
Tucker just wanted you to know that he celebrated his first birthday yesterday and had a fantastic day! He started out playing with all the new toys we got him, then it was off to the dog park where he had fun playing with all the other dogs, and timidly swimming lol, and then it was home to have a bath, snuggle in his new fleece and have a snuggle nap with Mommy! He is being spoiled shamelessly but shouldn't the king of the world be spoiled?
He is doing great and we are still madly in love with him!
Thanks for our wonderful baby!
:-) Heidi Ihler

Puppy Hunting

Hi Bev,
I wanted to let you know that we adopted a golden retriever this past week. He is a hand full with potty training. I am disappointed that we did not get to come and meet Hogan. However, as I mentioned earlier, my husband & I were having difficulties in agreement on which type of dog to get. When my son and I went to Yakima, our friends own a golden retriever. My son fell in love and decided that was the kind of dog for him. When I arrived home late on Saturday afternoon, my husband suggested we go look at 17 week pups in Chewelah. I suggested that we could wait until Sunday to decide on a pup  after we had seen Hogan but we ended up with a pup coming home with us.
I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you as a person and a breeder. Our pup was kept in a concrete kennel run with feces that he & his brothers ran around in. Obviously, this was a huge deterrant for me in getting this pup but he has had only one accident in the crate the first night. He still piddles in the house but that is usually our fault as we do not have him on leash in the house. It is a process. We kind of consider him a rescue (we did not want to  perpetuate this breeder but because of his age and the fact that the breeder had 3 litters of pups, she charged us $250 for the pup). Price was not a factor in deciding on him but was reasonable to "save" him from his situation.  
However, that brings me to telling you how awesome you are as a breeder! I was amazed at your ability to work with and train your adults and young pups. I am disappointed that we did not get a pup from you. I appreciated the time you spent with me. I think you do an amazing job and that you are an amazing woman. Thanks again for your time. If we decide to add to our canine family, I will definitely push my husband and son to look at your springers!!

Sofie from Star's 2nd Litter

Hi Bev, hope all is well. I wanted to share something with you. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I took our girl to a very public place.
My daughter and grandson wanted to go to Manito Park. Now Sofie has been on a leash before, we put it on her every time we put her in the car, which is often. We tell her, "you want to go? Get your clothes on" Clothes is her leash, she sits really nice while you put it on her but its no big deal  to walk the 15 feet on a leash from the door to the garage. Yesterday was going to be a "working" day. 
She got out of the car at the park and oh my gosh! She was smelling everything! Nose down and raring to go!. All I had to do was stop, she would get to the end of the leash and I would say, "Sofie, stop" and she would stop. "Sofie come" and she would come and sit next to me. "Good girl!". Then I wold say "slow down, we are going to the same place". Bev she was SO GOOD! Even in the green house she stuck right by me. I had so many people say "how old is she? What a well behaved puppy. She's so pretty". There were so many dogs there, older dogs pulling their people and being bad, she was so good I was floored. You would have been as proud as I was! When we got to the duck pond she of course wanted to chase ducks and get in the water. I sat on the bench and told her, "no we can't do that". Now I'm not going to say she was a saint and sat like a statue but she didn't lunge forward, whine or pace. She just walked a few steps and sat, and walked a few steps and sat, she was amazing! For the first time on a leash and in a public place, she was the best dog at the park and I am not exaggerating. So all I am going to say at this point is that your theory is spot dead on. If you start training as soon as possible you absolutely can control your dog! As soon as Becky ( my daughter)posts the pictures on Facebook I'll send them to you. There should be a couple of shots of her sitting very nicely next to my grandson ( he's 6) in the greenhouse next to a pond. OH and I need to tell you about her bath.
She was determined yesterday morning before we left that she was going to have a bath. She was pacing and whining and she didn't need to go out. So I said "what's wrong? What do you want?" She went into the bathroom and stood at the tub. I said "later". So I went to get my clothes from the bedroom and she whined again. I said "what do you want?" and she went in the bathroom in the bedroom and sat by the shower. That's where she usually gets bathed. It's a walk in shower with a removable shower head.  So I said "what, you want a bath?" and she started jumping around. Well I was going to take a shower so I said, "Ok let's take one together and I opened her shower to get her shampoo. Man she almost knocked me over when I opened the door and when I reached for her shampoo, she sat down in the shower just waiting for the water to come on!  I said "Oh no let's go to the other bathroom" and she ran in there and jumped in the tub! I have never had a dog that liked baths let alone one that demanded one! So of course she was all pretty and puffy at the park and as good as she was, quite impressive!

Winston from Ali's 2nd Litter

There was a photographer at our last agility trial, and these pictures were posted.  I thought you might enjoy looking at them.  I may have to buy a weave pole one.  Winston is on page 3 IMG 2898-2905 if you click on the first link (Monday).  We were there Sunday and Monday and did Open Jumpers and Open Standard, 20 inch jump height.  There were several springers there on Sunday, Donna Larson's 2 dogs among them.  One of hers runs in the same class as Winston, the other is in Excellent.  I think her Excellent dog might jump 16 inches instead of 20 if you are looking (I haven't).  On Sunday Winston got 1st, Donna's Derby got 2nd, and they were the only ones that qualified.  Yay Springers! The second link takes you to the page for the trial, then you select which day you want to look at.

Lexi From Star's 1st Litter

Hi Bev,
I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how Lexi is doing.
I was really surprised on how fast she settled in, especially the day we got her.  She actually played a bit that first night and everything went well when we introduced her to Macy .
She had her vet visit last Friday and the vet and all the staff absolutely loved her.  She passed her exam with flying colors and the vet said she was "perfect"! EVERYONE at the office (the technicians, receptionists and vets) had to hold her and I teased them that I "better get her back"!
All of my family and friends have come to see the new addition and I have showed off her abilities (sit & down).  We have had a few accidents, but they are much less than the usual amount for a puppy her age.
Yesterday was my first day back working in the office since she arrived.  As far as I can tell she faired well being crated and having 2 outside runs while I am at work (no surprises in the crate when I got home).  I can see she is getting more and more settled in each day and becomes a bit more "bold" in her actions and exploring.  Macy and her are playing together more and more each day.  Right now Lexi will submit to her if she get too rough or excited when they play and the sessions don't last extremely long. I am certain when she grows a bit more Macy will not get the submissive behavior as much and they will become great playmates.
I took a few pictures, but only with my cell phone so they are not the best quality. I need to get a new battery for my real camera, when I do I will send you some pictures.
As you can tell, we are extremely pleased with Lexi!  Thank you so much for being such a good "grand mom" during her time with you! I will keep in touch.
Best regards,


Hi Bev.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of Winston tracking.  He really likes it, we should be able to get a TD title, maybe a TDX (much harder).  I think if you click on the link you will go to the website for the workshop we attended earlier his month.
Mary and Winston
Pictures from our intermediate tracking workshop----------------
From: http://intermediatetrackingworkshop.shutterfly.com/angledstarts-saturday/185

Baron - Lizzie's 6th Litter

Hello Bev,
Just wanted to say "hi" and let you know that Baron is doing very well.   He  just finished his first puppy training class and he did great.  He is so smart!  We will be starting another class in January since he loves the socializing so much.  We love getting the updates from your website and seeing the new puppy pictures.  They are adorable!  Matthew  talks about coming to see you and bringing Baron to show you all he can do now.  I've attached thier Christmas picture so you can see how much he's grown!  We hope you have a great holiday season.  And hopefully we'll see you again soon.
Deanna Watson

Oreo from Lizzie's 5th Litter

Hi Bev
I know its been some time since I sent you an Oreo update but things have been crazy around here. Oreo is just the best dog we ever have had, I've been out of work since the beginning of November to have my Gull Bladder out and Oreo and I have been together almost 24 hours a day since then. Yesterday he met Santa for the first time  and boy was he funny. From the pictures below I guess you can tell he'll be with me forever, Sherry tells everyone when they ask where I'm at, that I'm with my son Oreo. 
I always look at your new puppy picture and tease Sherry and tell her "I'm going to get Oreo a little brother", she laughs and tell me "Oreo likes being the only child"
I hope you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and I'll stay in touch. Ron

From Emerald's New Family!

Attached please find a picture of Emerald with her new brother and sister suffering terribly.
As for myself, It took me a couple of days to recover from the 2400 mile journey which was driven in about 2 1/2 days. We got back to Flagstaff on Saturday nite around 7:00 pm. The ride home was for bonding and trying to keep her off of my lap after the first few hours so I could concentrate on the driving thru the mountains. What a lover she is-I think she may be trying to make up for lost time. She and all has been making a relatively smooth transition to date. She gave Jody the pom quite a running a couple of times probably thinking she is quite the lively toy. Things have settled since and the pomaranian is now coming out of our daughters bedroom more often. We stopped on the way home in a field and as I walked she ran in front of me nose to the ground back and forth and in small circles. She definitely has a sense for the hunting and while I called her to come-she came a running. I was thrilled to watch her in her natural state which appears she has the potential to be a very good hunter. I am amazed at how curious and how much of a sniffer she is. She also has alot of energy and has been getting some good walks which she enjoys and helps calm her down during this transition.
All else is well-thank you very much for your work with her-she does not seem all the worse for what she has been through. We will keep in touch. We called the doctor today to schedule the spay. Hopefully that will be complete soon with healing so we can start tromping thru the brush.

Cruiser from Bailey's 4th Litter

Hi Bev,

I am so enjoying your little boy or, not so little as he is growing
He is so healthy! His coat is extraordinarily beautiful with great
markings. I love his spots. My older shelter dog (shepherd/healer mix)
"Danny Boy" and "Cruiser" are getting along famously and play
Danny is very patient with Cruiser (I have named him "Cruiser" instead
"Squad Car".) He is incredibly smart and learns tricks unbelievably
I attribute this to your great breeding and handling the pups very
Danny has been a great influence as he has imprinted Cruiser with
territorial boundaries. This is a great relief to me as I hope not to
to install a dog run. Neither Danny nor Snickers needed a fence

Thanks for your fine breeding!

Best. Rebecca Lockwood

Oreo from Lizzie's 5th Litter

To: <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject: Oreo
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 18:54:12 -0400

Hi Bev
I just wanted to let you know Oreo was neutered today. Everything went great and he's been sleeping  since he came home.
Everyone at the vet just loved him, they said they haven't seen such a loving and well behaved dog like him in a long time.
The hardest thing is going to be to keep him out of the pool for 10 days and sleeping on the porch with him until he can climb the stairs
again to get to our bedroom.
                                         Thanks again for selling us our best friend Sherry & Ron

Lexi from Lizzie's 4th Litter

Hi Bev,

I just love your puppies!  I have to admit though that I am very partial to Lizzie's puppies, there is just something different about how they look!

Cassie performed in a big circus benefit today.  Over 1,000 people at each performance.  She performed as a solo act with no one else from her performance troupe.  She was really beautiful and held her own without any trouble with professional circus performers.

I have to tell you some funny things about your little grandbaby Lexi.  She is quite the character but first before I forget I have to tell you what was the lesion on Lexi's ear.   It was  (is)  a benign histiocytoma.  It seems to be resolving, I am jsut mad at the idiot vet (again not my regular one) who said it was a wart and contagious.  That is why I paid for a biopsy but it pisses me off that I figured out what it was from the internet and she didn't know what it was from vet school!

Anyway, Lexi is very different from Zacky but what a character!  She is totally, totally devoted to Cassie.   First of all, she loves fruit (we know not to give her grades or raisins), just like Cassie.  She will eat apple slices, etc.  but a couple of weeks ago we came home and she had taken a couple of mandarin oranges off the counter.  She peeled them and ate the fruit! 

She is still quite the talker!  She will bark with Barclay but mainly she likes to just make these funny little talking sounds.  She still sleeps with us (under the covers) but now she goes to bed with Cassie every night and always stays until she is asleep and as soon as she hears her awake in the morning she tears up to her room.  She will growl if you go into Cassie's room and we don't announce ourselves, which we think is great.  We like the fact that she will warn people off but that she is totally unaggressive in any situation.

She is very very affectionate and she really isn't getting into too much trouble.  Actually, she has really settled down a lot and in many ways acts like an older dog.  She is always, always carrying some sort of toy around in her month.  However, she does one thing that I have never had any other dog I have owned do!   She jumps into the bathtub with Cassie when she takes her bath.  The first time she did it we thought it was really funny and just a fluke.  However, she now jumps in the bathtub every time.  Sometimes she jumps in the tub as soon as Cassie starts to get undressed and just waits for the water to get run.  She will just sit in there, and sometimes lie in there until Cassie is done and then she jumps out and they dry off together.  Your really could not have picked out a better pup for us.  She is definitely a lap dog and loves to sit in Tom's lap and watch TV.

Anyway, we could not be happier with her and even Barclay would agree!

Hope things are well. Glad to see Miracle is getting a new home!  I bet you have her really trained!


Jessie From Bailey's 2nd Litter - Updates - Jan. 2009

Hi Bev,

Sure, you may post our Jessie update and pictures; she does have a
beautiful (and expressive) tail, although it needed a good brushing after all her
snow play! Please do not include our email address and edit out any other
parts of my message as you see fit. I would love to see other springer owners
opt to leave their puppies' tails fully intact.

If anyone asks, you can tell them we have never regretted selecting
Jessie from newborn photos after my phone conversations with you and the
Spokane vet, and the information on your website about her parents. As I'm sure
you can imagine, it was a scary leap of faith to choose a puppy before
seeing her personality and whether she appeared healthy. Once we get a dog, it
doesn't matter what kind of problems it has, it's part of our family, so
the chances we would have ever wanted to return a puppy once we had it were
slim to none. And we have definitely never regretted her tail; nothing like
following her happy "windmill-wagging" tail down a trail - I break into
a smile just thinking about it!

Do take care,



Hi Bev,

Haven't emailed you for quite a while and wanted to let you know that
Jessie (and Suzie and Lynn and I) is doing just fine. We hope this finds you
and Rachel well too. Jessie is such a delightfully happy and spunky addition
to our family. As you know, she is a year old now, and is just incredibly
strong and healthy. She absolutely loves water, in any form!

We spent the long Martin Luther King holiday weekend skate skiing the
cross country trails in the Methow Valley, WA. Four couples and four dogs
shared a house; enough to say we all had a great time. These photos were taken
that weekend. Jessie found lots of sticks to chew and had a whole pack to
play with; she was sure she was at Disneyland. She got to run along with the
skiers on the doggie-friendly trails and was absolutely ecstatic. One
happy little girl!

Thanks again for our beautiful little puppy.


Elroy - Training Tip - Barking & Growling

From:  Kristin Loomis <kristinloomis62@hotmail.com>
To:  <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject:  Elroy update
Date:  Fri 09/26/08 04:59 PM
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Hi Bev,

Elroy has been doing much better. After our emails and some research I
went to the pet store and purchased a Halti (gentle lead) this way he
stops trying to pull me. And I also got some yummy liver treats just
for our walks.
Today on our walk Elroy met two other big and beautiful springer
spaniels and he was very pleased to meet them. He and I stopped to
visit with a older woman he was very polite and later on our walk he
visited with a really big man. He did beautifully. I praised him with
love and a little goody.
He walked by a couple people riding bicycles and some road maintenance
people. when he tried to bark I said his name and told him to sit
and Look at me and then he was fine and we were able to move on without
any trouble. Wow He is smart! I had full control the entire walk. I
hope i didn't cheat with the gentle lead. But he did so much better
with it . People actually stopped to say hello to him... Can you
believe that he let people come near him.
He has learned a ton over the last few days.

I am so proud of my young man:)
Kristin Loomis

Elroy - Lizzie's 4th Litter

From: Kristin Loomis 
Subject: Hi Bev!
 Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 10:26:23 -0700

Hi Grandma,
 It's the Loomis Family again.  I wanted to check in and ask a
question.  Elroy is so smart.  The clicker training has been working
awesome.  Elroy can Sit, Lay down and Roll over Like a pro and he no
longer plays bite he knows where his chew toys are and boy does he use
them:) (No more treat incentives are needed but I will still give them
out during  our training times when we are specifically focusing on our
"Manners".  We are working on "Stay"  I was wondering what you feel is
the most effective approach for this specific  command?
 It is a little more difficult for me to get started I thought you
might know some good tricks for me.  By the way...  Thanks to you Potty
training has been awesome.  Since he has been home Elroy has only had
3.5 accidents.  I am very proud of him.  Ryan calls Elroy the "Perfect
I Hope I hear from you soon,
Kristin Loomis

Lexi - Lizzie's 4th Litter

From: Cheryl Weigel <ccweigel@yahoo.com>
To: springer1712@netscape.com
Subject: Re: AKC Registration for Lexi
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 13:36:58 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Bev,
Lexi is being a very good girl.  She slept in her crate without a peep from 10:30pm to 6:30 am.  I was going to take her out later but thought I would wait and see what she did and it was 6:30.  Perfect for us since that is our wake up time.  A couple of minor piddles but no "tootsie rolls" in the house.  We are trying to reinforce the bells but she is very proficient at the dog door so she will probably end up "training that way".  We put the bells on the door that is next to the dog door and I try to get her to "ring them" when we are on our way out to go.
Her sit is rock solid.  Her down is now very good and she is doing very well on stay and come.  I get worried about her when she is having her "down time" because she is really out of it then but when she is awake again she is full steam ahead.  For whatever reason she no longer wants to fetch.  She will run after the ball but then wants to just lay on it and chew, don't know what I am doing wrong in that area.  She did play a cute game of roll this morning, when I rolled the ball to her she would roll it back using her nose.
She is a pretty dainty eater.  She just doesn't want to eat much at one time.  Is it a really bad idea to let her "free feed" the pre-measured amount of food?  She seems to get through more of it if given enough time but definitely prefers to take her time.  She definitely cannot be accused of being a chow hound.
Barclay is tolerating her better and actually looks to be sure she is following at times.  She is very respectful of him.  Tom is jealous because she loves us until Cassie comes home and then she still loves us but all attention is to Cassie.  She even lies on the floor next to her while she is doing homework or working at the computer.  I keep reminding him that she is supposed to be her dog!
I'm a bit worried about when I go back to work but we are starting to leave her alone for short periods of time and will extend it so she is used to amusing herself.  I better get all the brochures put away, they seem to be her favorite play item but gives her a lot of practice on "leave it". lol
Anyway, I think she is making a wonderful transition.  I have never had a puppy before who didn't whine and cry when she first left her litter.  She has not had a whine like that at all.  She likes to be sure she can see Cassie from her crate but marched right in there when it was bedtime.  The crate will be short term until she is fully potty trained and she can sleep (and Cassie can sleep) through the night.
She loves to socialize with everyone and goes for a couple walks a day, though we carry her due to the vets recommendation.  She has a playdate tonight with two loveable vaccinated labs!
Thanks again for everything.

Buster - Lizzie's 4th Litter

From:   "Ellen Nessen" EllenN@SpokaneSchools.org
To:   springer1712@netscape.com
Subject:   Re: AKC Registration for Buster
Date:   Thu 07/10/08 02:36 PM
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Hope all is well at the lake.
Great news re the official paperwork!  Buster is awesome!  He makes it 
through most nights and he is almost accident free - in his crate and 
only a couple tiny accidents inside.  He is really pretty preditable and 
easy to housetrain so far.  His sits and downs are good, even for the 
boys and he is really getting the hang of not biting.   Most of all he 
is silly when he's playing and snuggly otherwise so he is so fun to have 
around.  And, just like I thought, Bryan is one of his biggest fans but 
it's a close race.  He is really becoming easy to have around.  Thanks 
so much!

Elroy - Lizzie's 4th Litter

From:   Kristin Loomis <kristinloomis62@hotmail.com>
To:   Bev Downs Lake Springer spaniels<springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject:   Kids pics with new pup
Date:   Mon 07/07/08 04:02 PM
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DSCN0270.JPG   image/jpeg Save View
VSCN0258.JPG   image/jpeg Save View
DSCN0275.JPG   image/jpeg Save View
DSCN0272.JPG   image/jpeg Save View
DSCN0269.JPG   image/jpeg Save View
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DSCN0254.JPG   image/jpeg Save View
Hi Everyone,
Our Puppy Elroy flew in this morning.  We are already off to a great 
start.  He Loves his crate and believe it or not he really can ring his 
bathroom bells that are tied to the back door to let us know he has to 
go.  Not one accident today:)  Obviously the kids love him and so does 
Lucy.  Here are just a few pics of the girls and Elroy.  The ones with 
Joey and Elroy are coming:)

Kristin Loomis

Ranger & Hunter-Lizzie's 3rd Litter

From:   "Rhonda Pawlicki" rhpawlicki@gmail.com
To:   springer1712@netscape.com
Subject:   Update on Ranger (aka Kibbles) and Hunter (aka Keira)
Date:   Thu 05/29/08 01:31 PM
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Hi Bev,
I know it's been a while since we took Hunter and Ranger home with us, and we apologize for not updating you sooner, but they have been keeping us very busy!
We can't believe what wonderful dogs they are turning into.  I think Ranger very much is following in his uncle Chip's footsteps.  He is already picking up his food and water bowl when he wants to be fed or is thirsty.  He wakes us up each morning by picking up our slippers and dropping them on our heads.  I haven't needed to set an alarm clock for quite a while!  We aren't quite sure how he learns these things - he's just a natural!  He is our social butterfly and it seems that nobody who meets him is immune to his charm.  We are looking forward to getting him to the lake - he is already blowing bubbles in his water dish, so we are pretty sure he'll be a super water dog.
Hunter is our little athlete.  Her favorite thing in the world is to go on hikes with us and run, run, run.  She does like to keep us in sight however and is very good at coming back when called.  Needless to say, for every mile we hike, she covers three or four.  She also has the ability to find every single mud puddle and splash right through it, so we are sure she'll be a great swimmer too.  After her hikes she is ready for a nap, snuggled right up next to me.  I took her to a Diamonds in the Ruff puppy class and she was the star! 
So far, our hikes have been short because the pups are still young enough to get worn out, but every week they go a little bit further.  We can't begin to describe how much joy they've brought to our lives (and we were doing pretty well to begin with!)  Thanks so much for all your early work with them.  We both agree they are the most loving dogs we've ever had.  I'll send some pictures with the next update. 
Rhonda and Joe Pawlicki

Savannah - Bailey's 1st Litter

From: peterson444@aol.com
To: springer1712@netscape.com
Subject: Re: downslakekennel's Site Updates
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 10:22:05 -0400

Sorry for the delay in the photos -- Savannah has become very camera shy.  As soon as she sees the camera she runs away.  Here personality has really started to show.  I am trying to send you updated photos soon.  She will be a year on June 10th and I can't believe how fast that went by.  We are going to have a little party for her and the girls will be making a b-day hat for her. I hope she will cooperate so that I can send you a picture or two. 

She got her first real haircut last week.  The official springer cut.  She is so beautiful. I took both Maggie and Savannah in to get groomed and the groomer fell in love with Savannah.  They couldn't believe what beautiful markings she had.  I really praised you cuz you deserved it.  The groomer has been the same one since we had Mandy (who passed away) and she still does Maggie and now Savannah.  She told me that we were truly blessed with a little angel and I believe it.

I am so glad to hear that all is going well with you.  It sounds like you have been very busy.  But it definitely goes to show that you truly love what you are doing and it shows.  Oh, by the way, we call Savannah a (DCHR) she is part dog, cat, hippo and rabbit.  She sits on top of my couch cushion like a cat, she is in the pond full body with her head out of the water (which is why my fish will not come to the top of the water anymore) and she runs as fast as a rabbit and even hops like one when she is chasing Maggie.  It is too funny.  She is really keeping me on my toes.  But I love it. :)

Have a great day and I promise that I will send photos soon.


Rick, Mary, Rachel, Jessica
Maggie and Savannah too

Jessie - Bailey's 2nd Litter

Hi Bev,

I’ll forward some recent photos of Jessie when I get a few minutes; enough to say she’s just beautiful and is a delight to be around. She and our faithful goldie, Suzie, are best of pals. The girls go everywhere with us and are good car (and boat) travelers. Lynn was working on the beach on the Key Peninsula Thursday, so I took the dogs and went for about a 5 mile walk along the beach at very low tide while he was working. It was a cobble shore with a high bank with overhanging vegetation and lots of drift logs. Between the starfish, sand dollars, crabs and an endless supply of sticks, Jessie thought she was in a perfect puppy playground. She’s also quite the little swimmer now. She loudly rings her door bells, heads straight for the pond for a swim, then returns dripping wet to come back in. She’s got it all figured out! We’re taking the girls with us on a road trip to Southern California in a few weeks and have lots of stops planned for adventures they will enjoy along the way.

Thank you again for such a beautiful little companion, she’s a perfect fit in our little “pack.” I hope all your other new parents are as pleased as we are.

One more thing, we have had no problem at all with her housebreaking; she hasn’t had an accident in probably a couple months at least; your early puppy bell training was wonderful.

I do have a question. When we took Jessie in for her last round of puppy shots, the vet said she should be spayed at 6 months, even though she would not have had her first heat yet. She said that in their experience, the chance of her coming down with breast cancer is greater if we wait until she’s had her first heat before spaying. I think you and I talked about waiting until after her first heat so she was less likely to develop urinary incontinence problems later on and so she would have fully developed her adult dog characteristics. Have you any further thoughts on this subject? Thanks so much,


Moe - Bailey's 2nd Litter

From: Sharon DeCarr <sharondecarr@msn.com>
To: "springer1712@netscape.com" <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject: Moe Update
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 09:16:11 -0700

Hi Bev (Grandma),
Moe's doing great.  He finally started ringing his bell and we haven't had an accident in the house in 4 or 5 days.  I took your advise and started giving him treats whenever he did what he was suppose to outside.  Unfortunately, the little guy is so smart he has now started playing a game my husband and I have named "the treat game".  He knows he will get a treat for going outside, so he will ring his bell, go outside and then get his treat.  Then he will ring his bell again 10 minutes later.  But he is learning, he does not get away with that game.  I do take him out again, because he is ringing his bell, and I don't want accidents, but he does not get the treat.  He's not too happy about this, but somehow he needs to be the one getting trained, not me. :)
He is a smart little guy though.  We gave him a blanket to lay on under my desk, for whenever I am working on the computer.  He did use it a couple of times, but then he dragged it out to the middle of the floor and spread it out.  Then brought his toys to play on it.  He was making a mess with a treat bone we gave him one day, so Dillon told him he had to eat it on his blanket.  He kept taking the bone and putting it back on the blanket until Moe sat down there and ate it.  Now every time we give him a treat, he goes right to his blanket to eat it.  He's also doing very good with all of the other commands we have been teaching him.  Except for putting his toys away at night.  He just wants to play with them, not put them away.
He's still very much a Momma's boy, still afraid of most everything, and everyone.  He plays with Dillon good, and I keep introducing him to people and making him go where I want him to go, even if he's afraid.  Letting him know there's nothing to be afraid of.  But I guess this will take some time.  He's still just a baby.
Speaking of "just a baby".  I've been amazed at how much like a little baby he is.  In the afternoons he still needs a nap, but he get's just like a baby who's ready for a nap.  Very fussy.  Then I put him in his kennel, and he goes right to sleep.  Just like a baby in a crib.
A friend of mine suggested I mix some cottage cheese with his food.  She said she always did it with her puppies, and mom's to be as it increased their calcium intake.  Have you ever tried this?  What do you think?
Hope all is good there.  We are enjoying our little Moe greatly.
Sharon & Dillon DeCarr

Moe - Bailey's 2nd Litter

From: Sharon DeCarr <sharondecarr@msn.com>
To: "springer1712@netscape.com" <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject: Moe's doing great!
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 19:52:08 -0700

Hi Bev,
Moe has arrived at his new home and is doing great.  We had him to the vet on Friday and he got a very good report. 
He's still afraid of everything (except us now) so it was very funny the other day when he caught sight of himself in the mirror.  He growled and barked for the first time since we got him.  He has taken to sitting and looking at himself now.  I don't think he can figure out why that puppy keeps staring at him.
He's a smart little thing too.  He is retreiving his toys for us and he comes when he's called.  He learned his name very quickly.  He will sit for us too.  He's still afraid of our door for some reason, so he won't ring the bell for us, but he has taken to pawing at my coat when he needs to go out.  He has had a couple of accidents, but for the most part he's doing very well on that front too.
He's just a great little boy and we love him.
Thanks so much for all you've done for him.  We will be sure to send more pictures as he grows.
Sharon & Dillon

Patches - Becca's 2nd Litter

From:   "Ann Sangren" <sangren@citlink.net>
To:   "Downs Kennel" <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject:   Vet visit
Date:   Tue 03/25/08 11:40 AM
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PATCHES Swim 1.mov   video/quicktime Save View
Patches just got home from her first Arizona vet visit and got a clean bill of health (which we already knew!).  She is 11 pounds now.  She also got a vaccination and will go back in 3 weeks for more.  Vet will check her stool sample but, based on your records, did not think another deworming was needed right now. Her tummy seems all better so we will continue with the puppy dry food (vet does not think canned food is necessary and could upset her tummy again) and also start her on vitamins (we did the same thing for Pennee).
We are having warmer weather now (in the 80's) and Patches has found her own way to cool off  (see video).  She is such a love and we are truly enjoying her...although we forgot how "busy" a puppy can be.  She loves playing on the lawn and thinks a Frisbee is the greatest thing ever.

Drake - Becca's 2nd Litter

From:   Truecolors2007@aol.com
To:   springer1712@netscape.com
Date:   Fri 03/14/08 06:09 PM
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Drake new home[1].lnk   application/octet-stream Save  
    We just wanted to send you a few pictures, along with a small movie with Drake being spunky. He is so good. He rings his bell and loves gauge our other dog. Jered our son has took over Drake and called him his own. He is already training Drake to hunt and sit still in his duck blind that is made in the back yard. Hope you like them, and let us know if you recieved this mail.
Mike and Connie Bowman

Skyler - Becca's 2nd Litter

From:   "Ann Russell" arussell@clearwire.net
To:   "Bev Gostovich" springer1712@netscape.com
Subject:   Skyler is wonderful
Date:   Sat 03/08/08 01:53 PM
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Hi Bev-
Skyler is doing really well. Everyone who meets him cant get over how cute and adorable he is. On our 3 hour drive home he slept a lot with his head on my arm, and went potty when we stopped at a rest area. He knew what to do. He had been doing good with the house training(very few accidents) And the last few days he has been ringing the bells occasionally to let us know he needs to go out. He is very smart. He sits for food or toys. I have been taking him on short walks on a leash and he does that well. He is so trainable. I am glad you worked with him so we could have an easier adjustment. Last night he slept untill 5:30. That was wonderful. The nites before he woke at 1 or 3. Thanks again Bev for the love and early training you give the pups. I had a favor to ask. The pictures of Skyler growing up on your website are so cute. I was wondering if you could email a copy of them to me. Bye for now. I'll keep you informed about Skyler.~Ann

Dakota - Bailey's 2nd Litter

From: Dianne M <skydnce@hotmail.com>
To: <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject: RE: Dakota
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 11:03:05 -0800

She is doing well. Had her first vet visit here on Tues. everything is fine. She was very cooperative & easy to deal with there. Do you need copy of vet visit or just bill evidence or what would you like. She had her kennel cough drops and will go next Thurs for her next shot & they will check fecal sample. There is an extra shot they have specific to our area later on.
She actually is sleeping through most of the night in kennel downstairs now. She will whine, yip when she is in the kennel & needs to go potty about 3am & then one of us is usually up between 4:30am & 6 depending on what day it is. Yesterday she had a walker & friend visit to potty her because KC was in meetings all morning early afternoon & she did great with both of them & she's had no accidents in kennel at all plus, was very good with both of them.
She spent all Wed. with me at my private practice, I saw 6 clients, she sat quietly in my lap for each client we had 1/2 hr between visits for potty time, plus 1 !/2 hr lunch time so we went for a walk along the canal (Ballard Locks waterway). No accidents in office at all & she got to meet my colleagues dog which went great. Actually her dog tried to steel one of Dakota's toys. Of course every few feet someone had to make a comment or ask for a pet. 
The interactions between our cat Scooby Do & Dakota is hilarious. Neither of them are familiar with what they are. So at first our cat gave Dakota a swap on the head (he has no front claws) so Dakota stayed backed off. Now Scooby is coming up more & both sniffing then he takes off. So Dakota is now approaching & wants to play. That isn't happening yet.
We are loving Dakota, she is everthing we hoped for. It is a lot of adjusting to our routine to be sure. It's a lot of work as we knew but yet ya know you forgot. Cat's & parrots are pretty independent.
I'm anxious to see how she does in class altho, drat, I can't go KC is taking her. She does really well on lead and stays behind & goes back & forth between right & left but watches me pretty carefully, very cute. She is just getting to stay more to one side last night. Very fun & fun to see how people just love how cute she is & the color of her eyes are so unique.
OK, I see that KC gets you pictures this weekend. We've been busy-4 birthdays this last week!


Behr - Lizzie's 3rd Litter

Jessie - Bailey's 2nd Litter

From: "Harriet and Lynn Goodwin" <goodwin@starband.net>
To: <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject: Jessie's wonderful!
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 18:25:31 -0800

Hi Bev and Rachel, 

Just wanted you both to know we just dearly love our little Jessie, she’s smart as a whip and just a delight to be around. She went to the vet today for her puppy shots and is doing just fine! She got checked out and got a clean bill of health; strong heart, clear sharp eyes and absolutely beautiful. She weighs 8 lbs, 8.5 oz now. I had given her a worm pill after all the weekend visitors who came just to meet her left. It was a good thing! Thanks for the head’s up on that one! The vet said to give her two more doses.

Jessie loved all the attention at the airport terminal but didn’t think much of being in a carrier on the plane. She got “special notice” when the flight attendant was giving instructions on buckling seatbelts and all those good things. But she settled down as soon as I could put her whole carrier on my lap and slept the rest of the way. Lynn’s heart just melted when he met us at the car and saw her for the first time, they’ve been virtually inseparable ever since.  

Jessie and our 8 year old goldie, Suzie, play together a lot. Suzie wasn’t too sure about sharing the limelight at first but she’s really good natured and it didn’t take long before she adopted Jessie as a welcome member of her pack; she’s very careful with her new little sister. Jessie, on the other hand, loves to torment Suzie and eats her food every opportunity; Suzie just concedes the bowl until we see what’s going on and pick up Jessie. We’ve been going on pretty long walks (for such short little legs) nearly every day. It’s 1.2 miles down the hill to our mailbox and back. I carry Jessie when I think she needs a break and she invariably wiggles until I let her down to walk on her own again. We’ve been working with the leash on the mailbox walks and she is doing well. This morning we walked on a grass and dirt road behind our house so she didn’t have to be on leash. She loved it and did a great job of staying with her “pack,” or at least when there weren’t too many exciting new smells to check out. She’s been waking us twice a night on average to go outside, getting to be a routine. All the time you spent training her has really been a big help to us. It also helps that Jessie is quite fond of sausage!  

Thank you both so very, very much! Hope all the new parents of your other puppies are as happy as we are.  

Best of luck to you both,  

Harriet and Lynn  

Cassie Mae - Bailey's 1st Litter

Received on 12-13-07

          Cassie (Cassie-Mae) has been a delight to live with from the beginning.  She is so smart that we have to really be on our toes to keep ahead of her.  We have been taking her to puppy obedience class and she is the star student. She is also very athetic and we were thinking about a Utility class. We have several people walking her (neighbors) besides our daily walks and we take her to a dog park where she meets and plays with other puppies. She has become the "darling of the neighborhood"; everyone thinks she is so cute they can hardly keep their hands off of her.  She loves the sun in Arizona, but she's so adaptable and easy-going that we have no concern about taking her back to rainy Seattle for the summner.  In fact, she was a perfect traveller as a 10-week old puppy when we drove to Tucson in the Fall. Thanks Bev for all your careful breeding and hard work raising these pups.
                    Donna and Yvonne

Pele - Lizzie's 2nd Litter

From:   "McMullen/Marsenich" <hawkeyes@cyberport.net>
To:   <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject:   Re: Gizmo/Pele
Date:   Sat 02/04/06 10:18 AM
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Hope your trip home was smooth.  Pele (Gizmo 12) pronounced PELA is wonderful.  She slept the entire way home.  When we got out of the car she ran all around as if she WAS HOME.  She is going to the door to go potty and crying to go out.  VERY GOOD JOB you did training and LOVING her.  We are so happy.  She cried a little in the night in her crate, so I put her in bed with us (gracie too) and she didn't wake till 7 AM.  Out to potty and then
to her food bowl.  She is so good.  Thank you again.  I you need a reference regarding your puppies, have folks call me.
Blessings to you and may all Pele's sisters and brothers find wonderful homes
More later, Karen
Pele is the Goddess in Hawaiian.  She is the Goddess of the Ocean and Volcano's  She is the Fire Goddess.  We all finally agreed we loved the name and what it represented and Pele is it.

Maxwell - Lizzie's 2nd Litter

From:   "THOMAS E BURGE" <pliburge@msn.com>
To:   "Bev Gostovich" <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject:   Maxwell
Date:   Tue 02/14/06 11:07 AM
Hi Bev,
    Happy Valentine's Day ~ I'm holding my little valentine on my lap right now.  Just thought I'd give you an update on Maxwell. 
    It took us a while to figure out where he would be happiest in the car and, in the process, he let us know he has a very healthy set of lungs Smiley emoticon .  Now we know he does best in the back end with Molly or on the passenger's lap ~ with no towel, thank you very much!  When I covered my lap (for protection) or put him in his crate, he was MOST unhappy.  It was funny. 
    We've had several nights that remind me of the days when our babies were tiny but he has had NO accidents.  I can't believe it. 
    He and Molly are getting comfortable with each other and are beginning to play very well.  It is SO cute.  Maxwell is true to his breed ~ he springs straight up in the air when he plays.  He is eating well, a little on the light side until this morning when he "licked the platter clean." 
    Our neighbors welcomed Maxwell home with gifts and he particularly likes one "chew" toy and a toy that is filled with buckwheat which can be warmed in the microwave.  We use it at bedtime.  I also re-heat it after each potty time during the night so that he is more willing to go back into his crate.  Works great!
    Yesterday he had his first vet appointment and we were so proud of him.  Dr. said he is a great looking dog, very healthy and he was very impressed with your work.  He was surprised that he had already been wormed 3 times and had his first shots.  We did a fecal test and all was well but, as you recommended and Dr. concurred, we are worming him again "just in case." 
    Thanks so much for being so conscientious.  We think we've got a real winner here and we're having so much fun.  Tom and Myra

Lainy - Lizzie's 2nd Litter

From:   "smith.67@juno.com" <smith.67@juno.com>
To:   springer1712@netscape.com
Subject:   Springer Spaniel Purchase
Date:   Fri 02/17/06 03:12 AM
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Dear Bev,

I am so glad to have purchased my second puppy "Star" from you.  She is Black/White.  I have named her Lainy.  She is such a great addition to my family. This little girl is so well socialized and calm . You have done such a great job with these pups. I would highly recommend your group of pups to anyone.  With the selective breeding that you do, these pups are so easy to work with.  They only want to please and will do anything for you.

My first Springer is named Diana from Lizzie's 1st Litter.  She is 1 year old.  I have had her in two basic training courses with Diamonds in the Ruff, a training school in Spokane, Wa. Also you made yourself available if I had any questions about anything that might of came up. I have joined a canine dance group called the Ruff Review.  We go to Children's Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Schools.  This is so much fun.  We are going to a dance competition in Corvallis, Or. in March. I believe that Diana will place in this event.  I look forward to having both of my dogs dance with me.  They will continue to bring joy to my life.  I cannot thank you enough for letting me purchase these beautiful pups from you.

Thank You.

Ron Smith.

Toby - Lizzie's 2nd Litter

From:   the_woodright <the_woodright@yahoo.com>
To:   Bev <springer1712@netscape.com>
Subject:   Thank You
Date:   Tue 03/21/06 11:38 PM
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Hello Bev,
Thank you so much for your kind words about my boats ,Liberty ( aka Toby ) is a true Joy, he is so smart, and just to sweet. he gets along with my kids , grand kids, and the cats and dogs, so you have done a wonderful  job with your puppy's. any one could tell you love your work by spending any amount of time with these beautiful  dogs of yours. Pleases have any one who's thinking of getting one of your pups call or e-mail me , I would be  honed to tell them what a great addition to there family any of  these pup's would be.
Again , I thank you.....
Tim Cummings      ( 509) 668-0959   the_woodright@yahoo.com

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